We are the European
experts in the cultivation
and supply
of medical
cannabis products
, from
plant to patient.

Located in the heart of Europe, we are in a prime position for European distribution.

The medical cannabis market in Europe which was worth €4.1bn in 2019 and is expected to reach €43.3bn by 2027

Highlights of our
business model

Hellenic Dynamics produces the highest quality medical cannabis at one of the lowest costs of production, right in the heart of Europe.

Hellenic Dynamics

Prime position to capitalise on the €43.3bn European medical cannabis opportunity

Regulatory change is underway in multiple EU countries to allow medical prescriptions utilising THC.

Partnership with the highly regarded neighbouring American Farm School in Greece which is focused on genetics R&D.

We are building a proprietary IP protected library of genetics for pain indicator treatment.

The management team have medical cannabis cultivation experience at scale, coupled with significant experience at both Greek governmental and wider EU levels

Our vertically integrated model spans cultivation, production, distribution and sales, and a proprietary genetic research databank – all supported by best in class global partners.

Hellenic Dynamics

We have a range of products in our cultivation
which responds to European demand

Strategy spans five phases of development each increasing the total cultivation area based on growing European demand

Europe is set to be the largest medical cannabis market in the world, with over 20 member states now passing legislation for patient access.


Hellenic Dynamics

A powerful Sativa cultivar with densely packed Trichomes, high in THC and with a pure, clean, fruity flavour. This phenotype has a relatively long time to maturity, but results in a long-lasting effect and a Terpene profile dominated by Limonene and Caryophyllene. The original genetics in this plant come from equatorial latitudes.

Hellenic Dynamics

A hybrid, leaning towards the Indica ancestry originally found in Afghanistan and with exceptionally high levels of THC. This plant exhibits very tight buds and is stocky and vigorous. The Terpene profile is of spicy Myrcene and the purple flecks on the leaves, combined with distinct orange Pistils, give it a striking appearance.